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sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Albert 'Albie' Spottswood meets Temptations in Frederick and Shippensburg

Dreams really do come true.
Waynesboro native Albert “Albie” Spottswood met music legends the Temptations not once, but twice in February.
Spottswood’s love for the Temptations — a critically acclaimed Motown male vocal group of the 1960s and 1970s — grew during his service in Vietnam.
“The music of the Temptations is what Albie attributes to him pulling through Vietnam,” said Sally Manning, a 1966 Waynesboro High School classmate who helped organize the upclose and personal meetings with the Temptations’ original member and founder Otis Williams and four more members of the group.
Spottswood, one of the Temptations biggest fans, was greeted, shook hands and briefly talked to the iconic group before the concert on Feb. 12 in the Weinberg Center of the Arts in Frederick and again a week and a half later on Feb. 23 at Shippensburg University’s H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center.

Working her magic
Manning was the driving force behind the meetings. She originally was told by Albie’s wife, Ann Spottswood, at a 2010 Temptations concert at Gettysburg’s Majestic Theater that he’d absolutely love to meet members of the group and have his picture taken with them.
“From that point on, I kept trying to get Albie backstage,” said Manning.
“Sally made it happen — whatever it took. Numerous phone calls, emails and Facebook postings were all part of Sally’s magic,” Ann said in an email sent to The Record Herald.
Spottswood’s health has declined recently, he underwent two major surgeries between Thanksgiving and Christmas and was later placed in a rehabilitation program at Quincy Retirement Home and Community.
“I remember when I went out to Quincy in December I told him he had to get better because I was making arrangements for him to meet the group in Frederick,” said Manning. After hearing that news “he and I both smiled, knowing she meant business,” said Ann.
Face to face
For a second, it looked like the backstage visit in Frederick would not happen due to the technical difficulty of getting Albie’s wheelchair down a concrete flight of steps to the lower level.
Never doubting the situation, Manning talked to Otis Williams who agreed to meet Albie and Ann at the top of the stairs.
“I wheeled Albie ever so carefully through the double door, perched and locked the wheelchair on the step’s edge,” said Ann. “Then up the steps came the first Temp. Without a thought, I said; ‘Albert, this is Ron Tyson.’”

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